About Robin Lee, Artist

Nature has always been the inspiration for my work.  As I continue to develop my craft, whether I am creating individual pieces or entire environments, I enjoy the opportunity to engage the various aspects of nature which I portray, that I may convey its wisdom and beauty in every piece.

For twenty years, my primary artistic focus has been on creating life-enhancing, functional art in the form of hand-painted tile murals and sinks.  I pay particular attention to how places will be used, and the interests of those who will use them.  The result is the creation of environments that are responsive to human needs, give back to those who experience them, and continue to be of value in a world where things are quick to go out of style.

 In my approach to life, I love the concept of ‘solving for pattern’ – where one solution can address many problems, often learning from nature.  My business ventures, volunteer efforts, and approach to health and wellbeing reflect that focus, recognizing that solving for pattern increases balance and harmony and improves the health of the whole system.. From this perspective, all of life of life becomes an art project

I am committed to doing business in an earth friendly manner, and strive to work within the building and manufacturing industry in a responsible and sustainable way.  Primary to that end, I work with my clients to create pieces that will inspire people for generations rather than relying on current trends that would soon wind up in the landfill.

I have been an active member of the Olympia art community since 1990, and sold my work at the Olympia Farmers Market for 17 years.   You can now find my work at the New Caldonia Building (116 5th Ave SE, Olympia).   The restrooms showcase my hand-painted tile and sink installations, and items are for sale in the atrium café area.   I also work with sustainably minded designers in the local area.

I am a member of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild and avid supporter of Friendly Water for the World.  The promotion of Green Building practices and clean safe drinking water for all are important parts of my volunteer efforts.




For more information, or to set up an appointment to explore ideas, contact Robin at (253) 203-6626